VIZIO VSB207BT 32-Inch Home Theater Sound Bar “At-a-Glance”

Do You Need High-Performance Audio In Sound Bar Convenience?

With the VIZIO VSB207BT Home Theater Sound Bar that’s exactly what you’ll receive at your door-step and this “At-a-Glance” will describe an impressive sound bar system with the power to produce massive sound-fields.


VIZIO VSB207BT 32-Inch Home Theater Sound Bar



A simplistic sound bar that can do what you need from a soundbar home theater system, to greatly improve upon “Soundscapes” from music, movies TV shows and even gaming.


Highlights of the VIZIO VSB207BT:

  • Perfect Solution 32-Inch Sound Bar & Home Theater Utilitarian.
  • Premium 120-Watt, High-Performance Audio System.
  • Built-In Bluetooth for Wireless Streaming Capabilities.
  • Easily Up & Running with 1-Cable Setup and Play.
  • SRS WOW HD Audio Enhancement Technology.


Would You Like To Hear Your Favorite Entertainment Through A High-Performance Sound Bar?

The VIZIO VSB207BT  Home Theater Sound Bar allows you to enjoy all of your favorite entertainment outlets with high-performance simulated surround sound that’s powerful and immersive.


VIZIO VSB207BT 32-Inch Home Theater Sound Bar


DTS Sound and audio enhancement technologies project exceptional virtual surround sound while maintaining the utmost clarity for an improved entertainment experience.


 So! What Else Can This Sound Bar Do?

Then on top of adding high-performance audio to all your favorite movies and TV shows and availing the capability to stream music and content wirelessly, this sound bar also sports an AM/FM tuner in case you just want to have some radio in the background.

The VIZIO VSB207BT 32-Inch Home Theater Sound Bar can be placed in a table-top configuration or mounted on a wall with included wall-mounting hardware.


VIZIO VSB207BT 32-Inch Home Theater Sound Bar Connectivity


Do You Need A “Starter” Home Theater System?

There are no complexities of the confusing multi-speaker systems that monopolize an entire room, just the essentials that you need to take your favorite entertainment to Wow!

The VIZIO VSB207BT 32-Inch Home Theater Sound Bar is what many would consider a starter system in that it is basic and limited in the intensity levels it can take your entertainment to.

Would You Like An Exceptionally Crisp Soundscape for Your Home Theater?

With this soundbar you’ll take your TV and music enjoyment to a quality soundscape levels that will all of a sudden make things stand out that were always there but never played through a high-performance soundbar speaker system.

The VIZIO VSB207BT 32-Inch Home Theater Sound Bar is an excellent value and a “utilitarian” of a soundbar that will allow you to enjoy your favorite entertainment at a greatly improved level of high-performance audio.


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