Surround Sound Speakers For TV 5.1-Channel System Review

Are You Wondering Which 5.1-Channel Surround Sound Speaker System Is Right For You?

If you’re looking into improving upon your home entertainment experience then what you need to know first is most of your favorite TV shows and movies are produced in Surround Sound.

Surround Sound Speakers For TV 5.1-Channel System Review
Surround Sound Speakers For TV 5.1-Channel System Review


Standard surround sound is what your hearing in a theater and this is also known as the basic  5.1-channel surround sound systems!

5.1-channel surround sound simply stated is a system of speakers projecting high-performance, digital quality sound at you from general angles for a 3-D theater style Sound-Scape!!

Components of a 5.1-Channel Surround Sound Speaker System:

  • Subwoofer

The subwoofer is the bass speaker that creates deep chest-thumping sounds with air pressure that you can feel rumbling impressively through the floor. The subwoofer helps create the emotionally-charged feeling the director intended you to feel.

  • Center Speaker

Usually considered the speaker with the most positional importance in a surround sound speakers system, the center speaker is usually larger and more functional than the other satellite speakers. The center speaker will usually have more cones than the satellite as well.

  • Satellite Speakers

The satellite speakers are is just a term for any speakers that are meant to direct sound from the left or right sides. In your typical 5.1 system this is simply explained as: right and left front speakers, and then another set of right and left rear speakers. That’s a system with four satellite speakers plus a center speaker(all five making the 5) and the subwoofer(making the .1)

  • Equalizer/Receiver

The equalizer is usually a receiver or even your PC. Most systems or computers of today, have digitized mixers and equalizers. In the higher end, more powerful systems it may be necessary to use a separate equalizer as part of power optimization!

surround sound speakers for tv
Standard Surround Sound= 5.1-Cannel Systems Do You Know What 5.1-Channel System Would Suit You Best?

Would You Like To Know What Separates The 5.1 Surround Sound Systems?

Now that we understand that a 5.1-Channel is a standard surround sound speakers system (2.1 in SoundBars), which one is best suited for you and!,  with what “bells and whistles”?

This is not that difficult to figure out when you’re given the different systems capabilities as well as pro’s and con’s of said systems.

Basics/ Bare-Bones @ $200

For those with limited funding, an excellent starter or smaller room application system will run you around $200 USD.

Although for this, you are receiving a bare-bones system however!,  they are still quite an improvement on the standard TV audio set-ups of today and will add depth and intensity to your favorite “soundscape”!


The Best at This Price Range: The Polk Audio RM705 5.1-Channel Surround Sound Home Theater System

I’ve found a decent system in a very reasonable price range (right@$200) that customer’s have rated as an excellent performer!

The Polk Audio RM705 5.1-Channel surround sound home theater system is relatively basic but will provide competent surround sound to your viewing area quite nicely.


Polk Audio RM705 5.1 Home Theater System (Set of Six, Black)


The Pros:

  • True Surround Sound
  • Super Easy Set-Up
  • Simple Minimalist Configuration
  • Least Invasive of Big HTIB’s
  • Creates 3-D Field of Sound

The Cons:

  • Not Very Loud at Max Volume
  • 50watts of Power(smaller applications)
  • Only Effective In Smaller Area’s

Tricks and Tips!:

  • Turn The Cross-Over All The Way Up On The Subwoofer
  • Turn The Phase Knob All The Way To “0”
  • Turn The Cross-Over on The Receiver To 80hz

Just a couple little extra’s to help you get more performance out of your 5.1-Channel surround sound system

Mid Range @ $400

If your able to spring for the “mid range” systems you really have some interesting options available to you.

There are some hansom system’s that come into play in this range that can add to the style and decor to your  TV viewing area.

These are the systems that utilize Receiver/Equalizers in most cases, which will boost your system’s output power.

These are the “true” surround sound systems and support almost all TV, Movies, DVD’s and other multi-channel sources as everything is encoded in a 5.1-channel base line for playing through home theater surround sound systems.

The Best at This Price Range: Energy 5.1 Take Home Theater System(Set of Six, Black)

The Energy 5.1 Take Home Theater System is a powerful and sleek addition to your home entertainment center for excellent quality surround sound.

The 200 watt subwoofer, very effectively delivers you through a crisp and clear, emotion evoking soundscape with depth and intensity.

Although this system may seem smaller!, it performs like a beast with uncompromising audio produced by quality components to deliver big system sound, This one is awesome!

Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System (Set of Six, Black)

The Pros:

  • Produces an Enveloping “Soundfield”
  • The Base-Line Surround Sound
  • Can Be A/V Receiver Equipped!

The Cons:

  • Fairly “Bulky” Systems
  • Can Require Annoying Cable Runs
  • Systems in $300 Range Rarely Wireless

Optimized Systems @ $600+

These 5.1-Channel surround sound systems are the most equipped and usually the ones with all of the “bells and whistles” included within their capabilities!

These top of the line 5.1-channel surround sound systems will really add the chest-thumping, high performing quality surround sound to your home entertainment center intense emotion evoking power in whatever form of multi-channel entertainment you’re in the mood for.

These systems will often have wireless surround speakers for added convenience and flexibility!.


The Best at This Price Range: The Yamaha YHT-897 5.1-Channel Network Home Theater System

The next system that I’ll probably be up-grading to has really drawn my attention for a year or so now, The Yamaha YHT-897 5.1-Channel Network Home Theater System.

This “Sexy Beast” is perfect for my taste and will be very hard to pull my future intentions away from.

The multi-media capable entertainment options are perfect for the optimized home entertaining experience and to be able to conduct it competently and easily makes this one my favorites.

Yamaha YHT-897 5.1-Channel Network Home Theater System

The Pros:

  • Perfect For Either Large or Small Viewing Areas
  • Hearty Surround Sound W/ Depth
  • Multi-Media Functionality, Easily Conducted!

The Cons:

  • Often Require “Bulky” Speaker Cable Runs!
  • At Higher Volumes Subwoofer Has To Be “Tamed-Back”(for music listening)
  • The Smaller System Capabilities and Sizes

To see more of these and other similar options please stop by the store at where you’ll find more valuable information.

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