LG Electronics BH6730S 1000 Watt Home Theater System “At-a-Glance”

Would You Like a Home Theater System with Amazing Capabilities?

The LG Electronics BH6730S 1000 Watt Home Theater System “At-a-Glance” is an amazing system with all the connectivity capabilities that you want for supplying a powerful, 1000-Watt entertainment experience to what-ever you happen to be in the mood for.


LG Electronics BH6730S 1000-Watt 3D Home Theater System


With this system you are availed amenities like built-in WiFi and Bluetooth with extras like being able to play 3D Blu-Ray and DVD movies.

Then if you have networking in mind, no-problem as this system is DLNA-Certified to build and expand your digital home theater network and for seamless integration to existing setups.


Highlights of the BH6730S:

  • 1000-Watts of 5.1-Channel, High-Performance Audio Power.
  • Built-in WiFi for Instant Streaming of Internet Content.
  • Play All Your 2D and 3D Blu-Ray & DVD Movies in Full HD 1080p.
  • Stream Your Music Wirelessly  From Your Smart-Phone.
  • FM Tuner For Just Jamming Tunes For Parties!


Would You Like A Home Theater System Minus All The Wires?

With the LG Electronics BH6730S 1000 Watt Home Theater System and all of it’s wireless attributes you can leave all the cables needed to connect-up your system in the past.

This system allows for all of the connectivity with out the troublesome spaghetti wire bundles around your TV and system.

Built-in WiFi Connectivity

No computer needed! you can instantly access all of your favorite TV shows, music and the world’s largest library of 1080p movies at your slightest whim.

Then add in Bluetooth connectivity for streaming any of your favorite content, music and playlists and you can play anything you like from any Bluetooth enabled portable storage devices.


Do You Need Private Sound Mode Capabilities?

The LG Electronics BH6730S 1000 Watt Home Theater System gives you the ability to watch TV without disturbing those around you with it’s Private Sound Mode.

With the LG remote app, you can wirelessly send the sound from your TV to your smart phone and then listen through headphones for unobtrusive viewing.

Private Sound Mode

The LG Electronics BH6730S 1000 Watt Home Theater System is an excellent value that gives you the ability to customize your entertainment-experiences in many different ways.

If you need a high-performance audio system that avails you wireless attributes with out breaking the bank, then this system is perfect for you.

It will provide you with all of the capabilities to take your favorite TV shows, music and movies to theater-like intensities.


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