Best Speaker Placement For Your Home Theater System

Do You Need Help Figuring-Out The Best Home Theater Speaker Placement?

If you’re trying to figure out the best configuration of your home theater system speakers or placement of your surround sound speakers for TV, and you need help figuring out the angles, We’re here-to-help!

SSSTV would like to show you a couple of “pretty nifty” little tricks that will help you get more out of your home theater sound system.


Superior Soundscapes


One of the first questions that will arise when someone “upgrades” their surround sound system is

“Why does this 1000 watt 7.1 channel system sound the same (or only slightly better) than the 5.1-channel 300 watt system it replaced?”


This is usually easily answered when asked about the configuration of said system, an improperly placed surround sound system is not much better than a home stereo with a bunch of extra speakers!

Only when speakers are properly configured will you be able to create an impressive “sweet-spot”, where you are enveloped in the action of the scene and can’t really tell where all of the audio is coming from.


So What’s Optimum Configuration Of A System?

Here at Surround Sound Speakers For TV, we subscribe to The ITU-R BS 775-1 Recommendation, which was conducted by The Audio Engineering Society and The International Telecommunication Union.

This collaboration concluded that the example configuration below is the optimum setup for 5.1-channel (or 7, 10.1) systems.



Proper Placement Of Surround Sound Speakers- ITU-Recommendation


Tools Needed  for Proper Placement:

  • Analog Clock
  • 25ft Measuring Tape
  • Pen Style Laser Pointing Device
  • 2 Rubber Wedge Style Door Stops
  • Pack Rubber Stick-Em Sm Square Pads


Speaker Positioning Process:

For obtaining an optimum “sweet-spot” you will need to have a primary listener position, which, put simply is 3 times the diagonal width of your screen or the space between the two front speakers is how far back from the screen the listener position should be seated.

So if there is 10 feet between the L&R front speakers, primary listener position is 10 feet back from the screen.

If you have someone to sit in the primary listener position, that would be best but if not just envision your ear height, or find something that is about the same height to sit in your place!

Once you’ve located a listener position you’ll want to place the analog clock on the seat with 12  o’clock pointing directly at the screen (and center speaker).

The two front speakers should be right around the 11 o’clock and the 1 o’clock. The surround sound (or rear) speakers will be where the 8 o’clock and 4 o’clock positions are aimed.


Yamaha YHT-Virtual Surround Sound


Phase 1: Center Speaker Positioning

To start the setup process place two stick-em square rubber pads under the front two corners of the center speaker, then place the two door stops under the back corners inching them further under the speaker box until a laser pointer (centered on top of speaker box)  is aiming at just slightly above the listener’s ear level.

This speaker is placed where the 12 o’clock pointing position of the analog clock is.


Phase 2: Front L&R Speakers Positioning

The next step in proper placement of your surround sound speakers for TV is to locate the front left and right main speakers.

To get this right you will want to position the speakers at least 12 inches from the back and side walls and, as far back as your primary listening position is from the screen is the distance that should be in between the two front speakers.

These two speakers are placed where the 1 o’clock and 11 o’clock pointing positions are.


Phase 3: Surround (rear) Speakers Positioning 

Surround speakers usually perform optimally being mounted on the side walls either directly across or even better, slightly behind the primary seat position.

These speakers will serve best if they are 15 to 25 inches above the listeners ear level and should be placed near the 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock positions of the analog clock that was placed in the primary listeners position.


Phase 4: Subwoofer Positioning 

The subwoofer should be placed out of the way!,  to the side or back of the room.

The best way to find the best location for your subwoofer is to place it out in the open, get down on your hands and knees and crawl around the perimeter of the room until you find the spot where the bass sounds best.

That is where you’ll then want to place the subwoofer as it will provide the best acoustics from that spot!


Phase 5: Enjoy Your Favorite Entertainment! 

Your surround sound speaker system should be properly configured and ready for you to pop a movie in and enjoy an enveloping “soundscape”!

For more information on optimization and to see a selection of products please feel free to stop back-by the site where you’ll find more valuable information and reviews.


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