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Would You Like High-Performance Soundscapes For Your Home Theater Entertainment-Experiences?

Welcome to Surround Sound Speakers for TV,  a site where you will find valuable information and reviews on surround sound systems that will help you to improve upon your home theater’s entertainment-experience with surround sound speakers and home theater systems.


Harman Kardon Soundsticks III 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System with Subwoofer

Harman Kardon Soundsticks III 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System with Subwoofer


The progression in home theater technology has avail us some phenomenal HDTV displays, that unfortunately, are not allowing for integration of proper audio systems due to the space-saving traits of today’s flat-panel TVs and this site will help you match-up the perfect system for your specific needs and applications.


Samsung Surround Sound Speakers for TV

Samsung Surround Sound Speakers for TV


This site will show you a variety of home theater sound systems, describe them and explain why certain HTIB’s (Home Theater In a Box) will perform better for you than others for the price.

With this site I will help you find valuable information about how to improve upon your home theater’s performance and capabilities,  providing the best entertainment-experiences possible while making your home theater soundscapes more life-like!



Bose Lifestyle Home Theater Systems


Surround Sound Speakers for TV is a site that will review home theater systems and provide you with a selection of the most competitive price-points.

We would like to help you to get the best possible soundscape-performance for your home theater by guiding you through determining the best system for your room and budget.

With the proper information, knowledge and selection of products we will help you find the system to give you the immersive Surround Sound “theater-like” entertainment experience.


Do You Have an Impressive HDTV with Inferior Small Screen Sound?

The new HDTV’s of today simply won’t  allow you to experience quality sound because they don’t provide the space needed to house a quality high-performance audio system capable of producing an enveloping audio experience.


Boston Acoustics Soundware XS Digital Cinema

Boston Acoustics Home Theater Systems


But don’t worry too much about it! because there are extremely powerful and capable options available to you for purchase online in many different price ranges.

The trick is to match a system’s capabilities and functions with your specific home entertainment needs and wants to perform optimally in your home theater setup.


Surround Sound Speakers for

Onkyo’s Home Theater Surround Sound Speaker Systems


This site will help you make a more informed decision on the best system for your specific entertainment needs and wants

There are many different characteristics and capabilities of systems that can be a bit confusing, so  here at Surround Sound Speakers for TV  we will to go into detail on these systems, which systems are best for which rooms and  help you make a better, more informed decision for greatly-improving your home theater’s audio experience.



We will show a full range of systems and help you to match the best system that has the functions you want, to the space to be filled with high-performance surround sound and to match your decor


Polk Audio LSiM705 5.1 CHERRY Bundle-Harman AVR 3700 7.2AV-Furman Elite 20

Polk Audio LSiM705 5.1 CHERRY Bundle-Harman AVR 3700 7.2-Channel Home Theater System w/AV-Furman Elite 20


Finding a perfect match between a specific room and a surround sound speaker system is possible and we would like to help you figure this perplexing equation out!

The acoustic performance of certain home theater systems can be better suited for specific size, shape and configuration of room/ space.

There are some systems designed to perform better in different applications than others and the trick is being able to understand which is best for you, then provide you with as many of the options in that category that are available to you.

And as you will find, our pricing points are comparable and competitive to provide you with some of the lowest price-points possible. , usually from Amazon as I utilize their fine program due to the quick and usually free shipping.

 Would You Like A Home Theater System that will Provide You With An Intense Soundscape Performance?

Well you easily can! we’d like the opportunity to help you get the sound performance you’d like in your home theater.

We will do all the research and fact gathering for you, so you can compare and make a informed decision on the optimum system for your application.


 So Lets Research Which System Is Best For Your Needs?


This site is going to help you figure all this out because I’ve recently been through the research process and learned how confusing home theater systems can be.

I decided that my home entertainment experience could use a little “boost” in the audio department and I set off on a researching project.

It was becoming more and more apparent that movie enjoyment would be more affordable at home and that I needed to make my audio experience more intense for a theater style “SoundScape” to match my new flat-panel HDTV display.


home entertainment center

5.1-Channel Surround Sound Plus


I then began to research the options available to me within a moderate price-range and Wow! So many different types with so many different capabilities!

Now not being an acoustical engineer with the experience and education to perfectly match the size and shape of a room to the perfect home theater system to best distribute the “Sweet-Spot” through out a space,  I knew I needed help and guidance.

What type of home theater system would best suit my needs? was I in need of a industry standard 5.1-Channel system?, or a 7.1 for better gaming capabilities or would a nice clean-looking 2.1-channel sound bar be adequate enough to supply an outstanding entertainment-experience?


Investigation Results:

2.1-Channel Systems=(2-Speakers+1-Subwoofer)

  • Provides Stereo Sound For Your Entertainment Center.
  • No Clutter Of Multi-Channel(many speaker) Systems.
  • Giant Step Up From TV Manufacture’s Speakers.

5.1-Channel Systems=(5-Speakers+1-Subwoofer)

  • True Surround Sound System.
  • Most TV Shows, Movies and DVD/Blu-ray Movies Formatted In 5.1-Channel.
  • Quadraphonic Or Multi-Channel For “Big-Cinema” Style Capabilities.

6.1-Channel Systems=(6-Speakers+1-Subwoofer)

  • Additional Rear Speaker.
  • Creates A More Enveloping Sound field.
  • Enhances Sound Effects Like Plane Fly-Overs!

7.1-Channel System=(7-Speakers+1-Subwoofer)

  • Two Extra Side-Surround Channels/ Speakers.
  • Supports THX Processing “Soundscape-Enhancement”!
  • Supports DSP Processing Capabilities.


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